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The Champions Cup Scholarship Fund

The Committee for the Southern California International Softball Festival, the governing body of the Champions Cup, is proud to present the 2017 Champions Cup Scholarship Fund. Net proceeds derived from the operation of the 2017 Champions Cup will be used to fund awards that will be granted to qualified recipients who demonstrate characteristics consistent with the ideals of good citizenship and sportsmanship. Please only apply for one scholarship that best fits your qualifications.

It is expected (subject to the conditions discussed in the Rules, listed below) that special awards to be granted could include:

The Jim and Susan Bollinger Champions Cup Scholarship Award – This award will be presented to the recipient who has maintained a 3.5 or above grade point average all 3 years in High School (3 transcripts) , participated and/or worked in community service projects, inside or outside of sports, and include a typed essay of commitment, goals and aspirations while attending college and how you envision what you need to do to achieve your set targets.

The Mike Roberts Memorial Humanitarian Award – This award will be presented to the recipient who demonstrates a strong commitment to community service activities while in high school.

The Bruce Gomez Memorial “Whatever It Takes” Award – The recipient will be able to demonstrate an extraordinary ability to overcome adversity in their life.

The Suzy Brazney “For Love of the Game” Award

– This award will be presented to the player who best typifies and demonstrates the qualities of sportsmanship, positive attitude and hustle that best reflects the ideals of the sport of fastpitch softball. This award is names in honor of Suzy Brazney, who continues to prove that these qualities still exist in women’s amateur athletics today.

The “Gary Wardein/Rick Hasty Champions Cup Founders Scholarship” Award – This award will be presented to the scholar-athlete who maintains a 4.0 grade point average her junior year, demonstrates a strong sense of community pride, and has unique athletic accomplishments. This award is named in honor of the two men that while rafting a river in Colorado, dreamed of, and dedicated their efforts to creating one of the most prestigious softball tournaments in the nation.

General Award – This ward will be presented at the discretion of the Committee for the Southern California International Softball Festival, the governing body of the Champions Cup.


Award recipients will be high school graduates who are enrolled or are scheduled to enroll in a two or four year college or university within the United States. Recipients may be or may have been girls’ or women’s fastpitch softball players, or are/were in some way associated with the sport of girls’ or women’s fastpitch softball. The awards will be paid directly to the institutions they attend or will attend, to be credited toward the cost of their education. No awards will be granted to recipients if the receipt of such award is not allowed/legal in conjunction with any other forms of financial aid the recipient may be entitled to receive.

Potential recipients may apply directly for these awards, or they may be nominated for an award by a third party. Candidates and nominees will have their applications evaluated by a panel of judges who will determine award recipients on a subjective set of criteria that may or may not take into account such items as financial need, results of personal interviews with candidates or nominees or their references, or other criteria as the panel should see fit to establish. In addition, certain awards, such as those listed above, may require that specific criteria be satisfied by the candidates or nominees in order to qualify for a particular award. The Committee for the Southern California.

International Softball Festival reserves the right to establish and/or change award qualification criteria at any time. All scholarships are paid with the understanding that, the money will be used for tuition, fees, books and equipment required for classes.

The amount of each award will be determined at the conclusion of the 2017 Champions Cup and after all financial obligations incurred in the operation of the 2017 Champions Cup have been settled. The amount of each award to be funded, as well as the details and deadlines regarding the nomination or application process, will be available for viewing on the Champions Cup website, located at Award recipients will be notified of their award hopefully prior to December 31, 2017, if possible. The awarding and funding of any grant through this program is entirely dependent upon the generation of net proceeds as a result of the operations of the Champions Cup. There can be no guarantee that any award will be made.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: complete applications TYPED, (proof read, check spelling and grammar) PRESENTATION… bound folder or 3 ring binder, provide references and requested typed documents appropriate to the scholarship you wish to be considered (i.e., provide official transcripts, provide testimonials, awards (academic, sports, community related) any proof of residency if required, etc…… the more information the better your chances, TYPE, type, type all forms and submittal of paperwork, resume to include photos, three (3) letters of references can be from your church, your community, your high school, your travel coach, your player friends, hitting coach, etc……. )