2017 J.O. Showcase 18



UPDATE: July 13, 2017

Bill Barber Park --- (4 fields) Numbered 1 through 4

No. 1 is the STADIUM

CLICK HERE for FIRST AID, 4 PARK LAYOUT (Park 1 – Bill Barber, Park 5 – Harvard Park, Park 3   David Sills Lower Peters, Park 10 – Mark Daily (formerly Alton), and MAP with Irvine Hotels.

LIVE RESULTS: scores and updates are here… please review to make sure your scores are correct as after the Friday night last game… the SEEDING will be posted on the Live Results page. CLICK HERE FOR LIVE RESULTS


Dated: July 4, 2017

Welcome, and, if we can be of service to you or answer any questions, please contact Jim Bollinger, Tournament Director jbollin24@att.net or Susan Bollinger, co-Tournament Director sbollinger24@att.net and we look forward to seeing you on the field.

Our tournament is unique in our structure that we cap our total team participation to 49 (one fill-in team to even the pool but the fill-in team (DNA - DOES NOT ADVANCE ) --- not seeded to the single elimination bracket. Please note that this year we eliminated the 8pm games and each team is playing 5 games of pool except for one team One team in each pool will play 6 games but the 6th pool game is not counted in seeding. It is a blank and the team playing opposite is playing their 5th game and all rules apply for that team in seeding.

The most important piece of information is what LETTER you are as everything is identified as such (Pool A, Pool B, Pool C, Pool D, Pool E, Pool F, Pool G, ) and the number is important as you look up your team’s information on the website or on the banners at each site. The number is the position you are on the pool ie. #1, #2, etc. so please print out the attendee sheet as it states what # 1 C or # 2 D may be THE I D for your team name. The summary schedule shows teams playing in which pool at which field . We also have the schedule for all the pool games on individual fence behind home plate for all pool games.

Scoring and Seeding purposes: EACH TEAM MUST TURN IN IMMEDIATELY after each game to the Site Director(s) at the site you are playing…

NO EXCUSES PLEASE !!! send someone !!! ( i.e. below )


Dated; July 4, 2017

Parking is available at all tournament sites on a first-come, first-served basis and please obey all parking restrictions and courtesies. Maps can be viewed online at www.championscup.org. NO MOTOR HOME/RV OR OVERNIGHT PARKING IS ALLOWED AT ANY CITY FACILITY. They must park off site at facilities that have no restrictions as parking spaces are limited at all parks listed below. Park at your own risk!

The following are additional items specific to each tournament location:

[1] Harvard Community Athletic Park:

Parking is available in the lots adjacent to the fields. Street parking is allowed on Poplar and Saw Leaf but NOT on Harvard Ave.

[2] Colonel Bill Barber Marine Corps Memorial Park:

  • Parking Lot 1/2 immediately behind the Irvine City Hall and Parking Lot 3/4 across Civic Center Plaza entrance adjacent to the Child Care Center and Deanna Manning Stadium is restricted from use until 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 12 - Friday, July 14. Parking is available in these locations at all times on Saturday and Sunday. Barricade signs and City staff will be stationed at the intersection and will enforce no parking except for tournament officials, umpires and volunteers with Champions Cup Parking Passes. Handicap parking is allowed in Lot 3/4 and some occasional drop off of players.
  • Parking Lot 5 accessible from Harvard Avenue at San Juan is available at all times.
  • Creekside Alternative High School’s lot is for RV’s and overflow parking on July 13-17. Creekside is located at the corner of Barranca and Harvard Ave., the parking lot is behind the school. One entrance is off of Harvard Ave., if you are coming from Bill Barber Park heading northeast on Harvard Ave., please make a U turn at Sweet Shade Street and the school driveway will be on your right. There is an entrance off of Barranca Parkway, heading westbound. Enter the School lot on the right. Please observe the following schedule as they are in summer school session:
  • 7/12 – Fri 7/14 – Parking is available after 12:30p. School will be in session 7a-12:30pm
  • Sat 7/15 & Sun 7/16 – Parking available all day

[3] Mark Daily Athletic Field:

  • Mark Daily lot is very small and reserved for tournament officials, umpires, and college coaches. Parking is available on the park side of West Yale Loop. Vehicles are approved to park from the bridge to the driveway to the park, but NOT past due to the bus stop and turn lane. DO NOT PARK ON EAST SIDE OF WEST YALE LOOP, you will be ticketed.
  • Woodbridge High School across the street has a small lot between the riverbed and football practice field or in the school’s main lot off of Meadowbrook. Foot traffic to cross at cross walks only or under the bridge on the riverbed walkway
  • Legacy Creekside School lot is across the street on the other side of the creek next to the businesses. This lot is available Wednesday-Friday after 12:30 p.m. and all day Saturday.

[4] David Sills Lower Peters Canyon Community Park

There is a parking lot on Farwell and Culver and at the Beckman High School adjacent to the fields, and Farwell after the Park driveway to the curve where road becomes League.

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