2016 J.O. Showcase 18


This year’s 2016 Champions Cup tournament is the start of the 13th Annual 18/Gold CC (98 teams), We are a 501 (c) (3) organization (SoCal Int’l Softball Festival Champions Cup). Our tournament is unique in our structure that we cap our total team participation to 98 (two fill-in teams to even the pool but the fill-in teams (DNA - DOES NOT ADVANCE ) and seeded to the single elimination bracket. The Champions Cup is a fast pitch softball showcase for ASA registered teams featuring the best of the best who are accepted through online registration, invitation and/or requests to participate from teams with top national or local rankings, past successes in tournaments, and/or are often referred and recommended by college coaches to attend.

Every year we strive to add value and we listen to you, our supporters. This year we hired a programmer to improve the SEEDING process under LIVE RESULTS --- you will note it appears a little different. We are expecting to have the seeding promptly displayed after the last score is updated with the SCORECARD INFORMATION. It is why the Scorecards are so important and a key component to our process.

Scoring and Seeding purposes: EACH TEAM MUST TURN IN IMMEDIATELY after each game to the Site Director(s) at the site you are playing…

NO EXCUSES PLEASE !!! send someone !!! ( i.e. below )

We also want to reiterate the online registration process: in order to be considered for each year’s processing, review and acceptance to the tournament you must MAIL ALL PAPERWORK WITH A CHECK. (1. Online Registration Form 2. Competition Agreement 3. Hotel Agreement--if you are out of the area / / / and 4. Optional Manager’s Dinner Meeting-if you want to attend) before the deadline and/or before we are FULL. No one is considered without payment in hand (even waiting lists). We do not cash checks unless you are accepted. New teams who have never attended the Champions Cup require a brief bio of your past accomplishments to be considered.

Some of you may prefer to pay with a credit card and the only way we can provide that service is if you pay an additional $30 flat fee and I will invoice you to pay through Paypal but you must contact: Susan Bollinger via cell (714) 470-2698 or email sbollinger24@att.net to set this up after (having submitted all the appropriate paperwork outlined above).

Welcome, and, if we can be of service to you or answer any questions, please contact Jim Bollinger, Tournament Director jbollin24@att.net or Susan Bollinger, co-Tournament Director sbollinger24@att.net and we look forward to seeing you on the field. The other most important piece of information is what LETTER you are as everything is identified as such (Pool A, Pool B, Pool C, Pool D, Pool E, Pool F etc.) and the number is important as you look up your team’s information on the website or on the banners at each site. The number is the position you are on the pool ie. #1, #2, etc. so please print out the attendee sheet as it states what # 1 C or # 2 D may be THE I D for your team name. The summary schedule shows teams playing in which pool at which field . We also have the schedule for all the pool games on individual fence behind home plate for all pool games.


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