2015 J.O. Showcase 18


This year’s 2015 Champions Cup tournament is the start of the 3rd Annual 14u CC (24 teams), the 7th Annual 16u CC (49 teams) and the 12th Annual 18u/Gold CC (98 teams). We are a 501 (c) (3) organization (SoCal International Softball Festival Champions Cup) and we are unique in our tournament structure that we cap our total team participation.

The Champions Cup is a fast pitch softball showcase for ASA registered teams featuring the best of the best who are accepted by invitation and/or requests to participate from teams with top national or local rankings, past successes in tournaments, and/or are often referred and recommended by college coaches to attend.

Every year we strive to add value and we listen to you, our supporters. This year’s offering :  online registration. In addition, when you hit the submit button of the online registration forms, you will be redirected to another page where you can print your submitted form.

Again, welcome, and, if we can be of service to you, please contact Jim Bollinger, Tournament Director jbollin24@att.net or Susan Bollinger, co-Tournament Director, sbollinger24@att.net.


LA Times: Powerful storm to bring another day of rain to Southern California

July 20th 2015

An unseasonably powerful storm that closed Los Angeles County beaches because of lightning and washed out a vital bridge connecting shipping between California and Arizona will bring more rain Monday to Southern California.

“It still looks like there’s a chance of rain pretty much everywhere,” said Stuart Seto with the National Weather Service. “Yesterday was probably the worst.” view news article.

=======     Saturday, July 18, 2015   Today is the start of the single elimination process ... not without some administrative issues that we need to notify all of you participating in the 18u / Gold Champions Cup 2015.  First and Foremost, we thank you for your support and appreciate all the things you do for your team and each other for the love of the sport.

Some items of note:


Game 12, Saturday 8am Alton 3 will not be played.    Cal Thunder had issues with our tournament and determined that they would not participate this morning and WA Illusion-Mendez was awarded the win by forfeit 7-0 and advanced to play in the next game.


Game 40, Saturday NaWahine vs SC Rebels, the winner will play in Game 56 against Firecracker-Young (due to traveling conflicts to ASA Nationals FC-Young will not play this game) SoCal Strikkers (the fill-in team from Pool M who DNA do not advance will fill-in the spot) and play against the winner of Game 40 and that winner will advance to the next game as normal). We had some controversies regarding the "computer" making the seeding decisions because of our TieBreaking Rules and it went exactly as written, score .. all three tied, head to head, each team beat the other with no clear winner, Runs Against 2 teams were tied as the winner and eliminated the third winner, then it went to the Runs For and one became the winner... I am sure there will be lots of fun discussions over this and again welcome your feedback ...


Game 31, Courage advised us upon checkin that they were leaving Saturday morning and traveling to ASA nationals.  We were able to get the Cal A's organization to come to the rescue.  As a result of that Cal A’s Iseri will be playing in Courage’s spot Game 31… however, no matter the score, the team who is playing Cal A’s will advance regardless if they win or lose as a forfeit.  


We hope you enjoyed and are enjoying the tournament and please support your snack bar folks Corona Angels-Marty at Harvard and Lower Peters and American Pastime-Farnworth at Bill Barber and Mark Daily/Alton.  Please also thank your Site Directors who are here because they love the sport.  As always we welcome comments to improve and willl continue to try making this tournament your tournament of choice.  Feedback is welcome regarding the two NFCA camps we introduced July 13 and July 14 (Monday and Tuesda) and ..... how about tthe Chic-Fil-A... yummy or what ... Susan and Jim Bollinger - Tournament Directors =========



Parking is available at all tournament sites on a first-come, first-served basis and please obey all parking restrictions and courtesies. Maps can be viewed online at www.championscup.org. NO MOTOR HOME/RV OR OVERNIGHT PARKING IS ALLOWED AT ANY CITY FACILITY. They must park off site at facilities that have no restrictions as parking spaces are limited at all parks listed below. Park at your own risk!

The following are additional items specific to each tournament location:

[1] Harvard Community Athletic Park:

  • Parking is available in the lots adjacent to the fields. Harvard’s overflow is in the housing tract across Harvard, called College Park. Street parking is allowed on Poplar, Saw Leaf and Redwood but NOT on Harvard Ave.

[2] Colonel Bill Barber Marine Corps Memorial Park:

  • Parking Lot 1 next to Irvine City Hall and Parking Lot 2 across Civic Center Plaza entrance adjacent to the Child Care Center and Deanna Manning Stadium is restricted from use until 6 p.m. on Wednesday July 15 and 5:30 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, July 16 and 17. Parking is available in these locations at all times on Saturday and Sunday. Barricade signs and CITY STAFF will be stationed at Lot 2 and will enforce no parking except for tournament officials, umpires and volunteers with Champions Cup Parking Passes. Handicap parking is allowed in Lot 2 and some occasional drop off of players.
  • Parking Lot 3 accessible from Harvard Avenue at San Juan is available at all times.
  • Creekside Alternative High School’s lot is for RV’s and overflow parking July 15-19. Creekside is located at the corner of Barranca and Harvard Ave., the parking lot is behind the school. There is an entrance off Barranca parkway heading West and one off of Harvard Ave. The Harvard entrance is only accessible while heading south on Harvard Ave. If you are coming from Bill Barber Park heading northeast on Harvard Ave., please make a U turn at Sweet Shade Street and the school driveway will be on your right.

[3] Mark Daily Athletic Field:

  • Mark Daily lot is very small and reserved for tournament officials, umpires, and college coaches. Parking is available on the WEST SIDE (same side as the park) of West Yale Loop, between the bus stop and the river bed bridge. DO NOT PARK ON EAST SIDE OF WEST YALE LOOP, you will be ticketed.
  • Woodbridge High School across the street has a small lot between the riverbed and football practice field or in the school’s main lot off of Meadowbrook. Foot traffic must utilize the river bed undercrossing or the cross walk at Alton and West Yale Loop only.
  • Legacy Creekside School lot is across the street on the other side of the creek next to the businesses. This lot is available Wednesday-Friday after 12:30 p.m. and all day Saturday.

[4] David Sills Lower Peters Canyon Park

  • Parking is available in the park lot and at Beckman High School’s main lot adjacent to the track and ball fields. Overflow parking available in the Racquet Club homes across Culver at Farwell within the residential homes where legal.


Each game use one Champions Cup Scorecard and one ASA Line Up

EXAMPLE: Champions Cup Scorecard (fill in as shown)


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The 2018 14u, 16u & 18u/Gold Tournament are open for applications.
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NOTES: All applications must include: printed Online Registration Form, Competition Agreement and Hotel Agreement if you are from out of the area and A CHECK to be considered.

Any questions, please contact via email to: Susan Bollinger (sbollinger24@att.net)


J.O. Showcase 14U

Tournament: July 6—8, 2018
Hotel Stay: July 5—8, 2018

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J.O. Showcase 16U

Tournament: July 5—9, 2018
Hotel Stay: July 4—9, 2018

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J.O. Showcase 18U

Tournament: July 11—15, 2018
Hotel Stay: July 10—15, 2018

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2017 Scholarship

Scholarship Nomination
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